Liturgical Update From Around The Loop Shows The Bright Rays Through The Clouds Of Crisis

Chant Conference Announced For Next March

The Movement To Return Gregorian Chant To All Forms of Worship | Saint Joseph’s Seminary Schola Cantorum |

Immemorial Rite: Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest Entrusted With Parish Work in Naples ! On EP

An Excellent New Video on Ad Orientem Worship – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Same via You tube

Ordinations in the Extraordinary Form take place in England and Wales for the ‘first time in decades’ –

A Wedding According to the old Catholic Philippine Rituale brought together originally from the Mozarabic Rite

Dei praesidio fultus: Matrimony according to the Use of the Philippine Islands

Solemn Consecration of the City of Aliquippa To The Two Hearts -As reported By Its Sponsors The Traditional Knights of Columbus Latin Mass Council In PA

Immemorial Mass of All Ages Receives Home in Co-Cathedral of Coria-Caceres Spain – On EP

The Catholic Elites

The Difference Between True Elites and False “Elites” On TFP

Roman Martyrology For September 23rd

September 23 – St. Adamnan of Ireland, Abbot He ensured the immunity of non-combatants in warfare – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Happy Embertide


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Catholic Writers Guild

Notice Of Schedule Change : Traditional Catholic Philosophy and Catechism Class

Several  have indicated that the next scheduled class (Monday 26 September) conflicts with the much anticipated first televised Presidential debate of the electoral season. Therefore Father John Perricone has agreed to reschedule this class to Wednesday evening 28 September at 07:00 p.m. Please adjust your calendars accordingly and hope to see you all there. 

Remaining the same are all the other dates of the class – which HAVE NO COST ! and is a free will offering class that can be joined by anyone at any point in the semester

See attached schedule on the link —-> baltimore-catechism-2016-3-fall-semester-2

Salve Maria


Theologians And Scholars Across The Globe Begin To Speak Out Intelligently On The Crisis In The Catholic Church

I highly recommend that everyone watch this top Catholic philosopher & theologian from Austria discuss here on video , calmly and intelligently, illustrating the core problems and heresies from the Pope’s teachings and why they must be recalled as admitted errors in order to avoid schism in the Church

Top philosopher: Pope must revoke ‘objectively heretical’ statements to avoid schism | News | LifeSite

What we have learned from these instances is Canon Law and Ecclesiastical protocol

Although our Pope has stated many things in his Pontificate that are heretical – we as lay people cannot call the Pope a heretic

Cannon Law dictates that he must #1 hold these rebellious doctrines consistently over time and #2 be accused not by theologians and lay people (as in the below) but by members of the Sacred College of Cardinals

The correct theology of the participation in the Body of Christ as a whole in its positive sense and why personal or otherwise individual conscience clearing via a single Sacrament violates Catholic theology and Sacred Scripture can be found here in this article immediately below

And although I would consider both Veronica Arntz and her take off of Robert Royal both more neo-cons (neo-conservatives) than traditional Catholics – the theological take gives insight into this protestantization of the individual and the individual’s conscience over the collective Catholic

Ecclesiological problems with communion for adulterers- RORATE CÆLI

Redux On The 45 Theologians & Scholars Formally Request Correction of Amoris Laetitia – and

Theological Censures Against Amoris Laetitia Revealed –

Theologians & Scholars Formally Request Correction of Amoris Laetitia

Vox Cantoris: Bishop Athanasius Schneider issues public letter on Amoris Laetitia interpretation, with the highly regarded Bishop agreeing with the Remnant’s Christopher Ferrara – their treatise against our Pope’s teaching can be found within the letter posted on Vox Cantor this summer

In a more Polemical Piece On The Same Topic A Public Letter From Two Traditional Catholic Journals

With Burning Concern: We Accuse Pope Francis

Is Pope Francis deliberately subverting papal teaching authority?  | LifeSite

Save Our Church – Errors & Heresies promulgated by FutureChurch/Call to Action.—> One of the main tenants of the organization ‘Future Church’ that is partnered with Call To Action is as follows  #3. The human conscience is a higher authority than the official position of the Church on doctrine and moral teaching This is also one of the primary tenants of the new Jesuitism of the doctrine of Pope Francis I and as seen now in two of encyclicals as well as, or including , within transcripts of his ‘airplane interviews’ .

 This dissident org who’s # 1 mission is to Ordain Women & Homosexuals and have sections of Sacred Scripture omitted will be presenting an award to a dissident Canadian Catholic Archbishop of Quebec, Paul-André Durocher who has just agreed (via National US Catholic media )to accept the award in an upcoming presentation

In any other era prior to the Council 99 votes to 1 says that this Bishop would have been excommunicated But again the new Catholic religion has no justice associated with its new form of Mercy it is unbolted from it assuredly as sin is being unbolted from law. Reason dictates this is not possible but then again reason also dictates that our God made only two sexes and the 3rd sex that fallen creation in conjunction with the fallen angels seeks to have exalted as its own creation is being told to our children is “reasonable”

Anyone would be hard pressed to deny the truth that there is civil war on within the highest levels of the Catholic Church, a battle for her soul is being waged just outside the gates of the Church of Nice people that continue to maintain the party line of denial.

My comments on all this

If we get under the hood on the actual theological elements of what we are talking about in this new age Jesuitism . Some say it is masonic doctrinal teaching, others say it is a new form of protestantized Catholicism, still others say that it is classic Jesuitism that violates the reason component (of by Faith and Reason) by declaring that the splitting of conscience from practice is possible . Whichever combination or portions of these heresies it is we find some glaring things that cannot be contested

Most of this new teaching is being waged under the banner of Mercy – but what type of Mercy did Jesus’ apostles pass down that is the deposit of our Faith?

“Mercy without Justice is confusion “Thomas Aquinas” Then ultimately it is concluded by same that Mercy without repentance and reparation through attrition and contrition is a false Mercy

Catholicism is a body of absolute Truths not the individualisms of protestantism Rather Western humanity has brought the Catholic mind into a NEW captivity into seeing itself as an association of human beings who accept these Truths to different degrees  It has enabled high level prelates from various social revolutions beginning from the earliest times and galvanized during the French revolution to set itself to enter the Church The hijack is clearly the current age’s philosophy, a con into believing that one can simultaneously hold the Catholic Faith and philosophical positions incompatible with it and believe that they might continue unabated without interference or a resistance movement against it This is the essence of anti-Catholic thought within the Catholic Church at a host of varied ecclesial levels & lay political hierarchies  Different understandings of the Sacrament of Penance for instance (summarized by Vatican II as “servile fear”) yet the orthopraxic work outside the confessional is what is called Perfect Contrition The entire punishment may be remitted outside the Confessional yet the Attrition of the imperfect Confession in the Confessional are still requisitely necessary  The Body of Christ physical and mystical with and of the Catholic Church is the same thing. This new proposed Catholic dogma proclaims “No it is not”

Is the Papal Tierra never to be worn again ?


The Latest Riddles – “What Is The Relationship Between The US Bishops – The Democrats and The Pope” & Saints Of The Day Section

The Relationship Between Our Pope And The USCCB Is = George –

DCLeaks Bombshell: The Soros/Francis Alliance Confirmed

Scandal Breaks Loose In Tenn As U.S. bishop makes ‘erotic’ sex-ed mandatory, Cites The Pope’s Approval Of A Vatican Sex-ed Program, as precedent to parents wanting opt-out | News | Lifesitenews

While Archbishop of Baltimore Lori who is also the chaplain of the Knights of Columbus rebukes US Government official’s claim that religious liberty is just ‘code’ for ‘homophobia’ and does so in one forum| LifeSite In the parishes forum he absolutely resolutely refuses to do his job and bring an end to the rampant celebration of sodomy in one of his parishes. Saint Matthew’s parish in the Archdiocese of Baltimore has a gay program called LEAD, which stands for LGBT Educating and Affirming Diversity. It is a model parish for homo-Catholicism, rejecting every Church teaching on sexuality and led by a dissident priest, Fr. Joseph Muth. Hint –One of the largest Military complexes in the United States is in the center of his Diocese

Please provide the link

New York archdiocese will host pro-abort Hillary Clinton for speech at $3,000-per-plate dinner | News | LifeSite

The corruption then flows downstream as Jesuit High School Bans Criticism of Tim Kaine

The Insidious Way Obama is Funneling Money to the Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz | LifeNews.com

All of these people colorfully pictured meeting in this coverage with Francis I at Assisi event are activists for their respective religions – none of which are Catholic – and the far majority of which will never become Catholic

Pope meets religious leaders and refugees at Assisi peace day –

Papal Letter Appearing to Support Communion for Divorced & Remarried Emerges – OnePeterFive

Donald Trump has undergone a transformation in recent months that many did not think possible | | LifeSite

Why the Truth is so essential to get out because reform can only come from going into dark corners and shedding light with Truth and Truth must contain the Crusader Spirit

The Crusader Spirit – True Love Is Proved by Dedication & Combativity by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Saints Of The Day

Sept 21st St. Matthew the Evangelist On America Needs Fatima Blog

Also on Sept 21st –  In Addition To The Apostle Saint Matthew Is

Pope Conon – As seen on Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Saint Matthew pray for us




Upcoming Traditional Catholic Masses And Events

Embertide week is upon us “Sant Crux, Lucia, Cineres, Charismata Dia  Ut sit in angaria quarta sequens feria”

For non-Latinists means:, Holy Cross, Lucy, Ash Wednesday, Pentecost, are when the quarter holidays follow (the Liturgical season pivots) it might be easier to just remember “Lucy, Ashes, Dove, (Pentecost) and Cross.”

Normally  the Ember Wednesday Friday and Saturday are a minimum of a one meal fast and the imposition of additional personal prayers this year Ember Wednesday is suppressed due to it falling on the 21st which is the Feast of the Martyrdom of Saint Mathew

Saint Mathew the apostle was murdered at the Altar in 60AD while offering Mass to Jewish catechumens

This murder was a martyrdom that was similar to the one carried out against Father Jacques Hamel in France at the hands of advancing Islamicists

This 2nd class sung Mass will be offered in red – this Wednesday evening at 6:00pm at the Church of the Holy Innocents – Garment District , NYC

Friday evening @ 6:00pm will be a traditional Ember Friday Mass

 On Thursday the 22nd The seventh annual James Beck Memorial Lecture and reception to commemorate Professor Beck’s scholarly career at Columbia University and his founding of ArtWatch International (in 1992) will be held this year at the Art Students League in New York on from 6:00pm to 8:00pm with reception to follow

The speaker is the art and architecture historian and founder of the Monuments Conservancy in New York, Dr. Donald Martin Reynolds, for whom “every monument carries a history”. And his lecture titled: “For Our Freedom and Yours”: The Art and Life of Andrew Pitynski, Portrait of an American Master.

The Art Students League, is located at 215 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019For details, please contact

For this upcoming Saturday Sept. 23rd,  Society of St. Hugh of Cluny Announces A Sponsoring Of A San Gennaro Traditional Mass At The Most Precious Blood Church on Mulberry Street – Little Italy- NYC featuring classical Mozart celebrating Italian Heritage

See flyer and or website for more details on the link below —>


On Sunday September 25th Father Don Grinco Charez’s new traditional Mass community continues with a TLM Mass offered at Regina Pacis Chapel located on the Queen of Peace Parish property in Maywood, NJ at 5:00pm

Michaelmas is announced for the 1st class change of season traditional Mass of Saint Michael The Archangel at the Most Precious Blood Shrine Church on Mulberry Street – Little Italy – Thursday September 29th at 7:00pm

and at 6:00pm on the same day at Holy Innocents

Pastor on Broadway Leads Souls to Immemorial Mass – On EP

Interview with former Pastor of Holy Innocents NYC, Father Leonard Villa contained herein via Pax Liturgique

First Saturday devotions – Sung meditations at Adoration & Vespers at Catholic Underground for this upcoming month is postponed to Saturday October 8th *stay tuned for updates*

On Monday October 3rd Traditional Catholic Philosophy classes continue into a fall semester as taught by Father John Perricone, PhD based on the Baltimore Catechism on a bi-monthly basis 7:00pm start – @ Saint Anthony of Padua,  Jersey City – parish center which is located adjacent to this Gothic classic Church perfectly preserved from its 1870s architecture 6th and Monmouth Streets

See pdf flyer on the link—>


The Restoration of post Italian Earthquake, termed: “Deep Roots “ by – The traditional Benedictine Monks of Norcia – has a new video short/ update of their progress and the call for assistance

Feast of The Immaculate Conception

Ave Maria

The Details Of The Two Religions And The Coming Chastisement

The New Religion of Jesuits is “Universalism” – As Georgetown appoints Hindu chaplain : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

When Jesuits Ignore Papal Decrees – Crisis Magazine

Slaves’ descendants challenge Georgetown to set up $1 billion foundation : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

Jesuit Priest to Accept Award from Dissident Gay Catholic Group

Pope Francis and the Entire Ecclesial Sellout to the Modern Zeitgeist Predicted in The Remnant in May of 1976 – On The Remnant Newspaper

Adultery suddenly becomes a “venial sin” — and other absurdities of trying to defend the indefensible Francis Doctrine

Powerful UN agencies sponsor Catholic dissidents’ call for Church to reject Humanae Vitae | News | LifeSite

Pope addresses nuncios on dealings with governments, selection of bishops : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

“No one shall ascend to the Bishopric order that has a different ideology other than the prevailing ideology” (post conciliar neo-Vatican II progressivism)

In another story developing this week our current Pope is ordering changes to Canon Law to liberalize any language that has any prohibition on Eastern Rites and give them Primacy over the former Latin Rite in any dispute – ceremony or Rite

Tomorrow we will highlight further differences between the new religion of Jesuitism and traditional Catholicism

One premier analogy is the theology differences of Divine Mercy devotions and that of the Divine Sacred Heart

The new DM devotion is an amnesty that requires no reparation or work to attain –

The Sacred Heart devotions are entire programs of gradual reparation to the Divine Sacred Heart of Jesus and the relationship between the Immaculate Heart – that sits at the center of the inseparable relationship between the Immaculate Conception and the Holy Ghost only made possible to attain and sustain efficacious grace by the shedding of Blood from the heart of the Son of God and our constant unification with it through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a state of grace

More on the theological differences between the two religions (or religious states, shall we say) within the Catholic Church

The multiple prophesies of there being two Popes prevails

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s Prophecy on the “Two Popes” – Veritas Vincit: “The Truth Shall Prevail”

Information on the Apparitions of Garabandal confirm the Fatima messages contained warnings of the infiltration of the Church and the coming chastisements

The late Father Gruner visited Father Gabriel Amorth , the Vatican’s chief liturgist who passed away this past weekend at 91.  Father Amorth attempted to explain to our current Pope several times the relationship between the new Rite’s Exorcism that does not work and the traditional Rite’s exorcism – the need to have the Church return to the old Rite of Exorcism in every diocese immediately and the relationship it has to Russia having not been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Father Gruner posted his last letter on the Feast of Gregory the great and said that he learned from Father Amorth shocking information he garnered during an exorcism that this situation will bring a Chastisement not from below but from above and it will begin in 7 to 8 months

May God rest their souls

If Islam is a major component in all this, it is only the former papal magisterial teachings of pre-conciliar Catholicism that have said so, and has yet to be fully confirmed to be a tool in all this.

St. Michael’s Garabandal Center –


Pro-Life News From Around The Loop And It’s Overlapping Impacts

The Culture Of Death In The Public Forum Is As Usual, Led By Protestantism

Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian and Presbyterian Clergy Participate in Rally for Abortion | On Life

Statistics prove that the lion share of abortion movement funding comes from the homosexual movement as the revolutionaries that have infiltrated our beloved Catholic Church are well aware

San Saverio in Palermo ushers in the same  – Catholic Priest welcomes lesbian ‘marriage’ in Palermo

The Hilary Pontificate Begins – US Civil Rights Commission: non-discrimination laws take precedence over religious liberty : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

Why all the fuss over allowing Communion for the remarried in just the hardest of cases and it’s relationship to Infanticide (Abortion) | News | LifeSite

Pro-Life Leader Endorses Donald Trump: “Our Best Hope to Push Back Abortion in America”

Donald Trump’s 4 promises to the Values Voter Summit | News | LifeSite

Donald Trump Explains Why He is Pro-Life

Mike Pence: “I’m Pro-Life and I Don’t Apologize for It” |

‘Don’t sit out the election under any circumstance:’ Leading pro-life Priest – YouTube

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected – YouTube

Do you realize , he says, that in the current middle eastern model the oil keeps going to ISIS are Americans aware of the long term consequences

He speaks of things only realists speak about

His may be a dying species

Proposed personhood amendment in Ohio would ban abortion without exception | News | LifeSite


Environmentalists On Abortion

The “Greatest Service to Mankind and Mother Earth is to Not Have Babies” |


Overpopulation is a Myth, Researchers Confirm the World is “Suffering From a Shortage of Children” |

We’re living through paradigm shift in history and in our culture unlike any time since the vast differences between the American and French revolutions and the majority of people don’t see it

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2015-05-18 15:21:19Z | |

Follow Up And Responses To : 9-11 What Meaning And Information Does It Have For Catholic Christians World Wide

An associate of our apostolate responded with the following perspective input

Orlando nightclub shooting: Fire set at gunman’s mosque – BBC News

Eid al-Adha and 9-11

I responded with

Rome’s Grand Mosque refuses to join in anti-violence initiative : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

and with………….

Obama admin slams, Trump camp defends Netanyahu for noting “Palestinians” seek ethnic cleansing of Jews

Thinking Outside the Box: Islam, Terrorism and the New World Order by  Prof. Thomas Stark


Our Lady over Lepanto pray for us






9-11 What Meaning And Information Does It Have For Catholic Christians World Wide

This is the post that was not going to happen but forces not having to be described herein made this sharing as follows……

What really happened that day

Did islamic muslims enact a complex plot internal to the United States and carry it out or did they not

Many Islamic sites in post of 09-11 claimed that Mohammad has the memory of the elephant “Zenta 3 to 1”

What does Zenta 3 to 1 mean – In 1697 the battle claimed 30,000 muslims 20,000 on the ground and 10,000 forced into the waterways and to their watery demise

Islamic law, one of many conflicting laws dictates three persons to be taken for each and they believed there to be over 100,000 people would be in the two towers and their surrounding area

September 11 – Prince Eugen of Savoy crushes the Turks at Zenta – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Is this true ?!

Our perspective is that it is a violation of newton’s physical laws of gravity from the evidence presented herein corroborates that while the muslims are guilty of many violations, we believe this was not one of them

Is this required to believe for salvation – similar to private revalation, ?! no it is not – but ! if you examine the facts herein I present you will find it to be much more than private revelation.

One of the organizations we belong to in NYC are engineers and architects for 9-11 Truth

For outsiders it’s a conspiracy “theory”

But for engineers , architects,  and utility workers like us that were there – that saw the 2nd tower come down from the roof of 111 8th Avenue where there are control rooms and co-locate hotel type facilities …….as well as from other close up places

For those of us that were down there saw what took place – Had the controlled demolition scraps of material in their hands- the nano-thermite was everywhere,  materials only military special forces have access to

To this day there are no islamic jihad missions that have used materials like this to carry out any terrorism anywhere ….all-collected and buried secrets amassed in a huge Staten Island grave unchallenged ….Forget our union electrical friends that can talk to you about the many evacuations on 09-10-01 of WTC buildings1 and 2 and what they believe was an airplane engine that was brought up the freight elevator during one of the evacuations (the only surviving intact evidence frag) and how it went the morning of 09-11 in the shaft-ways they work in

The evidence and the lacking investigation are not in the gold on the rail line stuck in motion beneath and between the two towers with an army of feds on the scene before they even collapsed – Not the insurance policies that were taken out on the towers the week before -not the surrounding properties that changed hands to federal holdings in the months immediately before 09-11 -not the people killed in the basement in an explosion at the same time the planes hit the buildings at the top – Not the explosions in strange places in lower floors in the two towers that many firefighters were threatened with firing if they talked about publicly anymore but in the federal building SEVEN World Trade Center

Video of officials in the street taped saying to other gov’t officials” they’re going to take down 7 get out of here” and within 30 minutes  it came down instantly in a free fall in a commercial demolition What it also accomplished …an immediate permanent evacuation of the whole downtown region ….why ? not just federal records but the power substations were in 7 WTC – So if 7 is gone – rebuilding the substations takes months – Everyone has to leave the area and boom the feds come in and downtown is now made into SOMETHING ELSE

Please watch these professionals and decide for yourselves- * This is not a solicitation for a donation to our org – only a sharing of information among friends and relatives *

AE911Truth — Architects & Engineers Investigating the destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11 – Home

Architects and Engineers On 9/11! Excellent Must See! – YouTube

The Original 9-11 Documentary – In It’s Edited More Polished HD Format – Loose change 3rd edition full – YouTube\

Decide for yourself and believe either at your own discretion –

We only ask one thingalthough the official reports was “Oh only a couple people jumped “…we know the Truth

As all those people were abandoned above the main explosions as the flames neared them –

1 and 2 WTC rained down bodies with a repeated thud noise that sounded like the end of the world

We ask you to pray for their souls that our merciful God let those without mortal sin be sent not immediately to hell but when they jumped with the flames nearing them that they were permitted to enter Purgatory for reparation

For everyone in Purgatory makes it eventually to heaven !

Therefore whenever anyone says 09-11 your first thought should not be either of the above categories but prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory for 09-11



Mutinous Betrayals Of The Mystical Body of Christ- “Follow The Money Trail”

Is the $91 million Obama refugee grant to the USCCB tied to bishops’ silence on Hillary? | News | LifeSite

The Money Trail: Why Catholic Bishops Are Silent on Hillary – On The Remnant Newspaper –

What do you know – there is Hillary yet again embroiled in yet another national secrets vs. another sexual abuse – marriage scandal – and our Bishops are financially committed to this -pro-abortion/ pro-homosexual movement

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin to Separate After His Latest Sexting Scandal – The New York Times

The pro-homosexual movement partner is now within the Church and being propagated by a growing minority of dissident Bishops as seen here

At the University level the story is worse – The majority of Catholic Universities  are propagating the culture of death like never seen before

 Betraying the Fort  –BIDEN & BOEHNER AT NOTRE DAME – By John Lyon -September 2016

Saint Peter Claver Pray For Us